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The Electric Breast Pump Is A Time Saver!

What is better than a manual breast pump…an electric breast pump! We know you’ve been thinking of stopping breast feeding your precious new little one because of the time factor, but please: Don’t stop breast feeding! Yes, it’s time consuming, even with pumping your own milk using your single breast milk pump. But the bonding […]


The Double Breast Pump That Gives Back

Feeding a baby is one of the many splendid joys that a mother can enjoy but having to continually pump milk from your breast is not only time consuming but it can make you fed up enough to want to switch to formula. Using the double breast pump will make your life so much easier. […]

Breast Pumping & Work

Our lactation consultant gives you a how-to leson on pumping & storing your milk so you can get back to work without worries. Working with Parents Magazine, American Baby, Family Circle and Check us out at Parents TV ===> Click Here To Get Breastfeeding Tips <===

Storing Breast Milk (Baby Health Guru)

If you plan to breast feed, learn some basic rules of breast milk storage! ===> Click Here To Get Breastfeeding Tips <===

Breast Milk Pump | Worthwhile Investment

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Pumping Breast Milk

by found_drama Pumping Breast Milk You want to go back to work but would like to keep feeding baby the best food possible- breast milk. Is exclusive breastfeeding possible if you are away from baby eight hours a day? Yes, here is where pumping milk comes in. Why pump breast milk?Most moms pump breast milk […]

Used Equipment FAQ

Used Equipment FAQ Identify and describe the purpose of a computer that is to say inbuilt surrounded by equipment used contained by the home? Identify and describe the purpose of two other types of computers; one that would be suitable for home use and one that would be suitable for business use A microwave oven […]


The Electric Breast Pump and Mothering in the 21st Century

Being a mother is not an easy title to wear but when you do you should wear it with pride. Technology has come up with a way to make the process just a little easier. The electric breast pump has been the greatest development since the disposable diaper. For mothers who breast feed and all […]


The 411 on The Electric Breast Pump

Being a mother is truly a 24 hour job and you are always trying to find ways to make sure your baby is getting every possible advantage. For those mothers out there who spend countless hours manually pumping their breasts there is a solution out there called electric breast pump which makes being a mother […]


How an Electric Breast Pump Makes Your Life Easier

Being a new mother is a time of great emotions both high and low and no amount of reading and information gathering will have you completely prepared. But when the little bundle or bundles do arrive you can relish in the knowledge that there is an electric breast pump available which will assist you in […]


Make the Most of Your Time with the Double Breast Pump

Breast milk is by far the best source of nutrition for your child and since you lead a busy life taking care of your child you could be tempted to switch over to formula. Before that  happens you need to look at getting a double breast pump which will seem like the answer to your […]

A Breast Milk Pump Is A Worthwhile Investment For You And Your Baby

You decided since you found out you were expecting that you wanted to breast feed, which is a wonderful decision, but now you are finding a want for a breast milk pump. There are many reasons you may need a breast milk pump; the chief one is that some mothers return to work full or […]